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Inner Balance Counselling Services 心不远离!向一线逆行的奉献者致敬!

Welcome to Inner Balance Counselling Services

Most of the Extended Health Insurance covers the cost of registered social worker counselling service. People who are employed and students (including international students) usually are covered.


Adult, couple, children, and family counselling: from (Canadian dollars) $125/hr.


Assessment: $125/hr, e.g. Attachment assessment, traumatic experience assessment, mental health assessment, family history etc. Assessment might take 1-4 hours. 


Single treatment session: $150/hr (couple, CBT, DBT, Hypnotic Stress ManagementTreatment, Play Therapy, Talk Therapy, Harm Reduction Therapy, Narrative Therapy, New Concept of Dream Interpretation, Hypnotherapy, Motivational Interviewing Therapy, Mindfulness and EMDR etc.) 


Subsequent counselling sessions based on counselling goals: $125/hr, starting from 4 hours. If it is 4 hours package, treatment will be completed in 2 weeks to 2 months. . 


Group counselling (per person for 12 to 16 people: $110 per two hours.


Phone call or video call counselling $35 per 15 minutes, or $125 per hour.  


Counselling confirmation letter or support letter/report for petition etc. $125 - $250 or up.


Effective from January 1, 2020. 


If the client has not accessed counselling services in one year or more, the new hourly rate will apply. 


For people without Extended Health Insurance, fee assistance is available for people who are in low income.  Community counselling programs may be referred.

Please email or phone 519 573 8966 for details.

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