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Most Extended Health Insurance providers cover the cost of counselling services from a Registered Social Worker. If you have health insurance through your employer, or if you are a student in a post-secondary school (including international students), services are usually covered.



Effective November 21, 2021. 


Adult, couple, and family counselling: from $200/hr (CAD).

For individuals, couples, and families


Assessment includes mental health status assessment (GAD, MDD, ED etc.), traumatic experience assessment, mental health assessment, family history, etc. The assessment session can take between 1-4hrs. 


Treatment sessions include: CBT, DBT, Hypnotic Stress Management Treatment, Play Therapy, Talk Therapy, Harm Reduction Therapy, Narrative Therapy, New Concept of Dream Interpretation, Hypnotherapy, Motivational Interviewing Therapy, Mindfulness and EMDR, Child Protection, Conflict Management etc.


Single session is $ 250/hr (CAD). Counselling sessions based on counselling goals. Package services are available from $200/hr (CAD), from 4hrs. 


For youth younger than 18 years old or post-secondary students (college or university students, and Master or PhD candidates): from $150 (CAD). Package services are available from 4hrs, $150/hr (CAD). Single session is $200/hr (CAD).


Group counselling (per person for 12-16 people: $100-$150 (CAD) per 2hrs.


Counselling confirmation letter, conference meeting $250 (CAD) and up. Support letter for petition, report for doctor or school or for court etc. : $500 (CAD) and up.


For individuals without Extended Health Insurance, fee assistance is available on a per case needs basis, based on income.  Community counselling programs may be referred. Please email 

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