Inner Balance Counselling Services 心不远离!向一线逆行的奉献者致敬!
Inner Balance Counselling Services 心不远离!向一线逆行的奉献者致敬!

Child & Youth Counselling

Inner Balance Counselling Services offers counselling services for children and youth (ages 4-18) for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, sexual issues, school or online bullying, stress from school performance or parents’ issues, suicidal ideation, self-harm, eating disorders, relationship issue, and self esteem etc.  Children usually use behaviours instead of words to express themselves. These behaviours bother children, parents and school, e.g.bed wetting, biting, chewing, tantrums, nightmares, hyperactivity, withdrawal, and peer conflicts etc. Counsellor will work with children and their parents, helping them understand what their children’s needs and effective solutions dealing with these behaviours, and then finding a way to relieve their distress and worries through art, talk, play, and drama therapy. 

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