Inner Balance Counselling Services
Inner Balance Counselling Services 

             Zhi Hong (Sarah) Chen Registered Social Worker English and Mandrin Speaking

Inner Balance Counselling Services is a source of hope for individuals and families. When you face the challenges in the fast-paces and stressful world, Sarah Chen provides the care and compassion to help you work through them. Unaddressed issues can affect your family and work. Inner Balance Counselling Services offers effective way to clarify the concerns or situations and open up new strategies of dealing with them. Sarah Chen offers a variety of services that can help you manage mental health concerns, conflicts, crisis and have the best life experience possible. 

Inner Balance Counselling Services is committed to providing services in a way that respects the dignity and diversity.  

Counselling services and workshops can be offered in English and Mandarin. 

Inner Balance Counselling Services provides support on the following issues:

  • Anxiety/Depression                                  Substances Abuse
  • Stress Management                                  Internet Addiction
  • School Byllying                                          Positive Parenting
  • Self Esteem                                               Crisis Intervention
  • Weight Management                       Balancing Work and Family
  • Relationship Issues                         Postpatrum Mood Disorder
  • Domestic Violence Issue                 PTSD (adults and children)
  • Gender and LGBT Issues                Separation and Divorce
  • OCD/Hoarding                                Grief and Loss
  • Skin Picking/Hair Pulling                               

Listen, Respect, Support                         

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